Are you truly Successful?

The book of Proverbs 12:3 tells us “Wickedness never brings stability but the godly have deep roots.” Further down in Proverbs 12:13 it says “The wicked are trapped by their own words but the godly escape such trouble.” Did you know that we are truly successful when we have deep roots in the Lord and strive to do the right thing…what’s right in the sight of God?

Some of you may be saying, “Well, I do the right thing and I’m not successful.” Well, that all depends on your definition of the right thing and successful. You know, oftentimes we confuse success with having a lot of money and things. However, in the eyes of God, success is totally different. It’s not at all about money and things.

It is about success in maintaining a good character, and a good attitude regardless of the circumstances. Success is good spiritual, mental and financial health. You see, people with evil intentions in their hearts twist things to fit their needs and have no regard for what God thinks about their actions. Overall, those who use cunning words to get over end up trapping themselves by their own words and behavior.

Listen, when our efforts bear up against the storms and the heavy downpours of rain, indeed we are successful. Nevertheless, some of us have it in our minds that a little wickedness here and there is not going to hurt anything. People who cheat to pass a test, cheat on their taxes, tell a little lie here and there, or mistreats their employees to make an extra buck are hurting themselves in the long run. You see, the longer people cheat, lie and deceive others, they get better at cheating, lying and deceiving others.  Eventually,  these same people spiral out of control.

This type of behavior gains only temporary materialistic success (sometimes). In a nutshell, if we are not successful by God’s standards, then technically we are a failure. Rejecting Gods way for our way brings failure. Starting NOW, let us take an honest inventory of our attitudes and character and ask God to help us fix those glitches and flaws within us. And brothers and sisters, we can rest assured that God loves to fix the brokenness within us.


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