Help restore them!

Precious father God we thank you for this day we thank you for enabling us to make it through the day. In the name of Jesus Lord God, we bless your Holy name for giving us the ability to also deal with difficult people, situations, and circumstances. Lord, we know that you are our battle ax help us to lean upon you and to hold on to your unchanging hand.

Speaking of peace my brothers and sisters, it’s not easy to maintain peace in a world where so much drama, chaos, and confusion is running wild. Nevertheless, God wants us to be instruments who bless others in their relationships. God wants us to help others restore their relationships just like Jesus laid down his life and restored the relationship between God and us.

God wants us to walk throughout this world bringing peace into the hearts and minds of others wherever we go. We are to carry on the work of Jesus Christ The Prince of Peace. If there are abundant chaos and lack of peace in one’s life this may be a sign that their relationship with God is not right.

Brothers and sisters, there is absolutely no way that we ourselves can be peacemakers without the help of God. Let’s pray for peace within us and our families and loved ones and our friends we have to learn to stick together as a family of Christians who rightfully represents the prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.


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