Happy On the sixth Floor

Sitting here listening to Hillsong United Broken Vessels… live show at the Sea of Galilee I’m Amazed that I made it to the age of 60.

Truly God’s grace is amazing, His love has sustained me throughout these 60 years!

I’m so happy! I’m sitting here meditating upon the Lord, worshipping, praising and honoring him, oh what a joy, I can’t hold back these tears!

Before I was saved, I celebrated my birthday by going out drinking and in my own definition, having a good time.

Having a good time now is being in the presence of the Lord. The pleasure I seek now comes from the Living God… he’s so loving, thoughtful, and very kind!

Like the rushing of many waters God has overwhelmed my heart! I’m breathless and astonished by his wisdom…the power of His might. He bought this broken vessel to life!

God’s mercy and Grace… it’s so amazing, so sweet…He pulled me up out of the miry clay…he took me off the streets. God makes me complete.

Continually growing me in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, I will serve him for the rest of my life! I’m so looking forward to crossing over to the other side and taking my very last flight!

How I yearn to see the face of the Living God, my creator, my best friend, my Savior and my battle axe. God is my Mighty Fortress, He always has my back!



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