Draw me nearer!

One of the most beneficial prayers we can pray is to ask God to draw us nearer to him. Why is this prayer so beneficial? Because God knows all, God sees all, and he has all power. Who better to draw nearer to? God knows was coming our way even before we know it. He knows the hearts of everyone we come face-to-face with. He knows every trick and plot of our haters.

Therefore, as we draw near to God, he gives us insight on how to respond to criticism and evil plots and difficult situations. Furthermore, it is amazing how God tells us what to say just at the right time.

One day at work one of my  coworkers seemed a bit sad. I shared a testimony with him about the time when I was homeless and how God quickly got me out of that situation. My coworker didn’t respond right away to my testimony, but about 15 minutes later he thanked me for sharing my testimony and then he said your testimony is exactly what I’m going through right now….me and my wife. He said he actually felt better after listening to what I had to go through  and how God  came to my rescue . You see, God knew what was in this man’s heart but I didn’t. I explained how God brought me out of a dark place like clockwork. I told him that we ended up in a nice shelter and only had to stay there for less than a month before I found a job and a house!

I am so thankful that God often uses me as his instrument, as his mouthpiece to tell someone something he wants them to know. God’s love for us is truly Like a Hurricane! It’s powerful and exhilarating and ultimately blows us into another dimension. If only the world would know, could understand… even a small measure of God’s love for us, there will be extreme excitement in serving him. His love for us draws us nearer to him! Oh How He Loves Us! His love is like a magnet ever drawing Us near to him! The only thing we have to do is desire to draw near to him! And as we draw near to him we find ourselves overwhelmed with joy, peace, and hope even in the midst of the trials and tribulations!

During the time when I was homeless, it was like I had a tunnel vision, a fine tuned focus, that everything was going to be alright that God already fixed it… it’s just that I had to come to the end of it and see it… the manifestation of God’s great grace! Draw me nearer Lord God! for in drawing nearer to you I’m empowered to win always! God never loses a battle!


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