House Divided Will Fall

Why is it that people are so hung up on their rights, that they cannot see the true issue. The issue is confusion within the ranks of military forces will cause the military forces to be weakened. Why? Because A House Divided will fall. We cannot change the way a person feels or believes concerning gender, religion, race or color.  However, especially, when it comes to the military forces it is imperative that we try to keep peace within the forces so our military will be strong and focused as to be victorious against the enemy. The military is supposed to be a structured organization with defined disciplines. While we are so busy arguing about rights. The enemy is gaining ample time to strengthen their plots against the United States. I believe that our enemies are watching the United States and waiting because they too know that A House Divided will fall. We are becoming the laughing stock of the whole world because we’re trying to please everybody instead of demanding discipline and drawing the line somewhere. In my opinion, our country is so divided because there’s so much hatred among one another. I believe that it is imperative that we keep down the confusion so that we can focused on the true matter of protecting our country from enemy invasions. A House Divided will fall. We must unite in our efforts to draw the line somewhere as to maintain peace within the ranks.  For the sake of peace, someone has to just let his or her rights go because the same people who are demanding rights are also infringing upon the rights of others. It goes both ways. Hatred is an ongoing thing. However, can we really afford to have more division within the ranks? United we stand, divided we fall!  Either the demands cease for the sake of peace within the ranks or the demands be accepted for the sake of peace within the ranks. However, it is unfortunate that peace is not an important issue to a lot of people its merely about rights. They do not understand that the way of peace is only through a sincere relationship with God. For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33a).


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