When I read the Bible passage (Matthew 21:18-22) where Jesus cursed the fig tree I could not understand why Jesus cursed the fig tree. However, as I began to meditate on, study and research scriptures that connects to this scripture. I found out that when a tree does not bear fruit it really worthless. Jesus is the true vine and we are the branches according to (John 15:1-5). Believers take part in the tree of life, Jesus Christ he True Vine is the source of our entire identity. We are the branches that are supposed to bear fruit or else we are useless. Does that sound harsh? My mom has a thing about plants that won’t bloom. It does not take her too long to either uproot it or ask me to do the uprooting. She’s very intolerable of plants that do not produce. Overall, we humans are not very patient with things that take too long to produce. I mean, although we know very well that our cell phone signals have to go to space and back, some of us get so angry when the phone is too slow. There is a great deal of violence toward phones when they do not produce information fast enough. The same goes for any type information producing electronic gadget. This brings me to another thought. What if God was that impatient with us and uprooted us as quickly as we do people and things that do not produce. How long was the fruitless tree barren before Jesus cursed it? This question bring to mind another question. How long will some of us remain barren before we are cursed to eternal death? How long?


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