Joshua 7:12 Message Bible states:  “God said to Joshua, “Get up. Why are you groveling? Israel has sinned: They’ve broken the covenant I commanded them; they’ve taken forbidden plunder—stolen and then covered up the theft, squirreling it away with their own stuff. The People of Israel can no longer look their enemies in the eye—they themselves are plunder. I can’t continue with you if you don’t rid yourselves of the cursed things.”  Brothers and sisters, God will not stand in our defense until we rid ourselves of the cursed or banned things among us. How in the world do we expect God’s blessings when we know we’re living in the very things that God has forbidden? Partaking of things He told us not to partake of.  God is a merciful God, but how can we seriously think God is going to stand for us if we keep being hard headed. Do you have hard headed children who won’t listen to you? Are you happy about the fact that no matter what you try to tell your child they keep doing the opposite? Some of our children are so disobedient, we have to let them go on about doing their own thing. Have you ever heart the oxymoron: “If they hit their heads hard enough they’ll snap out of it?” Nevertheless, God will let a sinner who continues to reject him go, but his sealed Holy Spirit cannot let go of a rebelling believer. Once God’s Holy Spirit enters a true believer, he is sealed for life.  Simply surrendering makes life so much easier? You see, we overcome in tribulations because Jesus already overcame this world.  Get with Jesus!  Stop squirreling away forbidden plunder. Please study John 16:33; Romans chapter 1; & Romans 8:31-39.





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