Brothers and sisters, it is a lot easier to give thanksgiving and praise when we are in peaceful situations. However, it is another thing to give praise in the midst of chaos and confusion. In fact, if we would stop in the middle of all the confusion and shout out with a loud voice of praise utilizing words of promise from the Bible, you best believe everyone would stop in their track and look at you like you might be missing a few screws.

I have a dear friend and powerful woman of God who took off here oxygen mask in the midst of doctors and nurses running around trying to resuscitate here and she said, I Shall Live and not die!!!…the doctors and nurses all stopped and looked at her as if they were totally baffled…But the truth to this matter is she took authority over her situation in the midst of chaos and confusion and declared the Word of God by Faith Psalm 118:17 says: I shall not die, but live,…. Not David most likely was not saying that his physical body was going to live forever. However, David had faith that the enemy, that old devil was not going to take him out.

Many of us are under attack right now and are allowing the enemy to just beat us down. Don’t just take what the enemy is dishing out. Shake the devils grip off of you. Realize that God gave us the authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you..(Luke 10:19) So let us take possession of that in which we are believing for by trusting God totally and never backing down. Don’t get yourself all worked up about how bad the situation looks.  We walk by faith not by sight! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Remind yourself of the promises of God. Dig for scriptures resembling the issue you may be going through and fight back! In the midst of your trials and tribulations lift up Holy Hands and declare his promises then give Him Praise (I dare you). In the midst of pain, suffering, sickness and confusion declare His word by confessing it out loud! Believe what you are confessing!  Use it and therefore set the enemy to flight. SHUT HIM DOWN and take back everything he stole from you!


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