Gloom Does Not Live Here

God wants us to be successful in all we do.
Why sit around with a face of gloom thinking God wants you lonely, broke busted and blue.
You know brothers and sisters, people all over the world are seeking something. People seek success, pleasure, peace, joy, rest, jobs, friendship, good health, wealth, approval, love and so much more. God desires that we are happy. However, it’s sad that many people believe that there is no happiness in living the Christian life.
They feel as though God want them to be humbled to the point of sorrow and pain, in lack with no resources, poor and lonely. Seriously, how can we help anyone when we are all tore up, broke down and dysfunctional? Do you think God wants us to portray that type character to people looking for hope? Surely Not. Some of us are so weak that we give in and sink into depression by allowing the devil to insult and criticize you to the point of guilt and shame.


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