Don’t Hate on The Gate Keeper

The story in Matthew about the Ten Virgins (the bridesmaids) Matthew 25:1-3 is a metaphor of the rapture of the church. Some of you may be asking what in the world does the oil lamps have to do with anything. Well, the historical setting was the bridegroom and close friends left his home to go to the bride’s home to celebrate various ceremonies. Then there would be like a parade up and down the streets until after nightfall going back to the bridegroom’s home. It was customary for everyone who were actually invited or involved in helping out in the wedding to carry torches. Anyone in the procession caught without a torch would be considered party crashers.
Now this brings to mind those who may try to crash up into the pearly gates. It’s like when people try to get into the night club and a big muscle man with a T-shirt about two sizes too small stop you from sneaking in. Brothers and sisters, some people will actually try to sneak into heaven by their own means. However, Jesus made it clear in John 10:1 saying: “I tell you the truth, anyone who sneaks over the wall of a sheepfold, rather than going through the gate, must surely be a thief and a robber! Jesus is the gate to God’s salvation, God’s Kingdom. He offers access to safety and security. Let us not hate on the gate keeper…Jesus Christ.
Brothers and sisters, some people resent that Jesus is the gate, the only way to access to God. In fact, we can see that there is much that people resent concerning what God has ordained or declared to be right or wrong. Some people do not appreciate, nor do they respect the way God does things. They are outright rebelling. Nevertheless, it is a fact that they cannot actually change anything unless God allows it. Oh, indeed God is allowing sin to run its course. However, there is a reckoning coming and we all will have to give an account for our decisions.


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