Take Me Higher Lord!

So many times in my life, I’ve made decisions based on emotions, or impulses. You see, I did not go to God in prayer about the situation or circumstance staring me in the face. It took a while to understand how to go about solving troublesome situations in the right manner. However, it took years to realize that I was not in control and that it is imperative to ask and seek God’s guidance and not depend on what I or others think. I found that I can sure make a mess of things by trying to take destiny in my hands and do something with it. But as I grow older, I am so aware that it is the Almighty living God who turns everything, fixes everything and is in control of everything thing. He’s taking me higher, further and showing me the deeper things of life.

I mean, I always knew who is in charge but I was not taking heed to what I knew. Nevertheless, with enough bumps, bruises and even broken, I finally began to get the picture. Heavenly Father, Your higher plan constantly unfolds before our eyes. Help us all to slow down so that we can partake of higher resources that you freely give us so we maintain an over-comer status and have abundant life. We need your guidance to take us higher at the right place, at the right time and cross the paths of the right people. Thanks you for the many things we take for granted in the name of Jesus we pray. Thanks for taking us Higher!


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