Getting to Know a Person

A single man or woman fresh out of a relationship should definitely take some recovery time before getting right back into another relationship. You see, if a recovery time is not a part of his or her plan, then, of course old baggage is hauled right on in. Most of us would think that a relationship with a Christian is a good idea since The Beginning of Something Lovelythey are supposed to be connected with the Lord. Take it slow; find out all you can about your new found friend…

Tidbits of information here and there, listen more than talking is better by far.

Eventually all signs will surface and you will hear and see if there are things that set you two apart.

Do not get caught up in compromising situations… like in the back, in the bedroom, or just cozening up in the dark.

It’s hard to escape a burning inferno pressed against your body…it will surely leave a shameful scar.

Be careful of sweet seductive words that might make you go a little too far.

Learn how to say no, learn how to say stop! For heaven’s sake, don’t be afraid of being dropped.

What really matters is finding the mate who truly loves and adores Jesus, trusting and believing in God.

This person will be a true friend right from the start.

This person looks forward to wonderful days of learning more and more about what’s inside your heart!


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