Mortifying the Flesh

Often times brothers and sisters, we are offended at anyone who dare try to control us. The reason for this is that we believe that we are in control.  Many reject the leading of the Holy Spirit and therefore the wisdom of God.  Having said that, there is a constant struggle between our old sinful nature and our new righteous(born again) spirit because they are not compatible with one another.

Being that we all were born into sin because of Adam and Eve, we are not able to win this battle between the flesh and spirit unless we call upon God for wisdom and knowledge on how to put to death the will of that old sinful nature that is constantly trying to raise its head up. Nevertheless, Satan is a defeated foe. We are not fighting to gain anything. We are fighting to keep what we got. We cannot allow the enemy to take our health, joy, and wealth.

We have abundant life as long as we stay on the right team. Keep the mind of Christ and you will never be defeated. Abandoning the flesh means leaving behind that old sinful nature. However, that old sinful nature is not trying to hear that. Satan receives gratification when he stirs up hatred, jealousy, fits of rage, anger and causes us to fall into addictive habits.

Galatians 5: 16-21 tells us that if the Holy Spirit leads us, then we inherit the ability to have self-control. Yes, many are not aware of it, but the flesh is often running the lives of those who do not acknowledge the Lord in all their ways. Our willpower fails us repeatedly. We may fool ourselves into believing that we can bury our wrongdoings and never have to admit them… Nevertheless, at some point in our lives if we do not say good-bye to living to please only ourselves, we start going downhill.

If you died today, can you think of a good reason God should let you into His Heaven? Do your really know where you will spend eternity? These are vital questions for one who desires to cross over to eternal life. Meditate and see if you can answer these questions with a confident and positive response such as “Without a shadow of doubt, I know that I am going to Heaven! God works in us to mortify the flesh (old sinful nature) and give us a new identity, Amen and Amen.


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