Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Hebrews 11:1 says, Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. As a Christian, we are convinced of the reality of things unseen by the truth or confidence we have in God.

Our faith is as strong as our confidence in God. It is strange how we can easily believe that there is a God and that he made us yet many of us believe that the same God CANNOT heal us.  Because we cannot perceive faith by the senses, it is hard for the body and soul to grasp it.

Overall, we are so in need of spiritual food. We need the Bible to teach how to use what God gave us. We are spiritual beings with a soul, living inside a body yet we must learn to bring both body and soul into agreement with who we really are. We are spirits endowed with great power. The enemy is trying to rip us off and steal every good thing God already provided. You have to learn to fight back using spiritual our weapon, which is the word of God.

However, many of us are sold out to the flesh, paying too much attention to the things we see, hear, feel, touch, and taste. We are blinded and buying in to sight or senses. Typically, many us walk around like we have a hangover from consuming too much worldly knowledge. Technically, Smartphone’s are maker us dumber. However many of us put much faith in them.

We have so much power and authority in this world and do not bother to utilize it because it just does not make a lot sense to us. God is a spirit and we must approach through spiritual means. We cannot keep running away and expect to draw closer to Him.

Stop letting the enemy convince you that it is not necessary to read the Bible. He’s playing us like a tennis match. However, it takes the Bible to teach us to play the match with determination to win, fearlessness, confidence and grace under pressure. Faith is boldly receiving what you know that God has already done!


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