Faith by Revelation

God keeps those in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.  Revelations of faith is the result of finding the Lord through His word. When I read the scripture, I am only looking for Christ the Lord, right through the Bible, reveals Christ. It is a revelation of Jesus.  So when I read the Bible I read it to get to know the mind and ways of God. I look for his clear-cut demands.

Faith comes by revelation, not by knowing what a verse says and repeating it, faith is when I see Christ in the scripture. Faith does not come by information, but by revelation. When I read the scripture, I want to know why he said what He said or wrote what he wrote.

The measure of my faith is what I am able to live by it, it brings the life . It comes by the Word, which is Christ. The fruit of faith is the ability to bless others with. 1 Cor. 12, Paul discusses the spiritual gifts The gift of faith is a sovereign super manifestation of God’s faith. (Mark 11:21-24).

God’s faith is a supernatural gift. Matt. 21:21 Jesus demands that we have this kind of faith. If ye have faith and doubt not…you shall remove mountains. The Lord was not talking about the measure or the fruit of faith, but He was talking about the gift of faith.

Mark 11:23 states that this gift belongs to everyone. This faith comes when the Holy Spirit takes the measure and fruit of faith and turns it into the gift. The word had to become life to me first. It had to become life giving to my soul. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. (man made).

We must bring into captivity every thought of the mind. The mind can receive the knowledge yet that is not living faith, I must graduate to the living faith and go beyond the mental faith. The gift of faith is not for living or for blessing and supplying the needs for others.

It comes for healing, demonstration, the miraculous. It is the release of the power of heaven. It brings into a believer’s soul the power of heaven. Faith begins with mental renewal and the minute faith enters into my heart, it starts working.

  Notes from a sermon by Benny Hinn~April 2, 2012


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