Expert Advice From…

One thing that I find hard to understand is why do people ask other people’s input on a subject when it is obvious, they do not qualify to give an answer. For instance, why whine and moan to your single friend about your marital problems? Moreover, why go to a person who is married but planning to divorce. The best bet is to ask an expert. Who is an expert on marriage? God, the One Who put it all together from the beginning.

Asking God to show you the error of YOUR ways will open YOUR eyes. Sometimes we are so unyielding and worry about someone wronging us until we cannot see what we are doing wrong to them. Asking the Lord’s guidance will certainly bring on the truth and help get down to the root of the problem. I did it, and guess what He told me? Well, he did not say it in an audible voice, but in my spirit… I heard the word “Selfish”. However, it was so real that I got offended, looked around and asked “Who Me? Am I Selfish? Well, after I thought about it for some days… I realized that I was actually selfish in ways that I had not paid much attention to.

God makes our heart more tender and understanding and he helps us to make peace with our loved ones. However, It will require sincere prayer and a strong will to make it work. God can work miracles in relationships. However, do not wait until things start falling apart to go before the Lord and find out how to fix things back again. Keep communication positive, respect and honor one another. Look out for the well-being of your loved one and stop hogging all the attention. It was a harsh reality to discover that it was not all about ME.


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