Avoiding Surprises

I have found that the most interesting way to avoid wasting a lot of time when dating is simply to become celibate.  Sticking to that decision will bring out either the best or the worst in a potential partner. Today’s world is very casual about sharing their precious personal effects with others. This is a dreadful mistake if one is looking to get married and to do what is pleasing to God according to the Bible.  However, if this is not your thing, go for what you “think” is best.

Knowing that your body is not to be abused is important. Why join it with a complete stranger. Think about it…Whom has he or she already been with? People, it is just too risky to let it all hang out…If you know what I mean.  Discretion and discipline in a person’s characters says a lot about that person. Overall, it says that they are in control of their emotions.


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